lundi 3 juin 2013


Spy-Net RAT

Spy-Net is a software that allow you to control any computer in world using Windows Operating System.He is back using new functions and good options to give you full control of your remote computer.Stable and fast, this software offer to you a good interface, creating a easy way to use all his functions

When started this project, some users asked me to use better things from old Spy-Net and better things from Xtreme RAT and fix some little bugs. Now, users can control any remote computer with stability and no errors.
Here you can find good informations about Spy-Net, download links, tutorials and more... Any suggestions or bug reports can be sent to

Version 2.6 :

Version 3.1 : 



Version 3.1:

- Added Reverse Proxy (socks5) function (*)
- Corrected bug using Fake Message
- Corrected bug when client try to close some port used in main connection
- Changed ListView to VirtualStringTree (used in Xtreme RAT)
- Windows 2000 compatibility added
- Windows 8 bugs (keylogger, mouselogger and others) corrected
- Added UPnP when active Direct Proxy function
- Corrected bug using "copy file" and "melt" at same time

- Some little bugs corrected(*) To use Reverse Proxy function, go to your browser settings and enable ONLY socks5 proxy with ( + slected port)
Some available functions:

Extra options
- Passwords (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, MSN, and others)
- Open website
- Run commands
- Send files and run
- Download and run
- Proxy (http and https)
- and more...

File Manager
- List files (with information on each)- Run files (Parameter, normal and hidden)- Delete- Move to Trash- Download files (together, one by one and recursive)- Download Folders- Send files (directly or by FTP)- Preview image- Set wallpaper- Search files on your computer- and more...

Process Manager
- List active processes (with information on each)- Kill or pause processes- and more...
Window Manager
- List active windows (with information on each)- Close, minimize, restore, change window title- and more...

Services Manager
- List installed services (with information on each)- Install- Uninstall- and more...

Registry Manager
- Works as Windows Regedit- Delete keys- Create keys- Change keys- and more...
Clipboard Manager
- Manages the contents of the clipboard (text and files) of the computer (Ctrl + C)
Devices list
- Shows all devices available on the computer
Active ports
- List active connections (with information on each)- Kill connections- and more...
Command Prompt
- Works like DOS windows

And for Finish ...:


Version 2.6 : ICI

Version 3.1 : ICI